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About Us

Canvas C.A.M was born of the need to empower young artists and give them the opportunity to be a part of inspiring and innovative content. Our aim is to provide professional talent with a unique voice in our already diverse industry. We aim to mould an environment that stimulates brand consciousness while encouraging talent to perform at their optimal best.

Our mission is to deliver the highest possible standard of both talent and brand to your projects. We aim to create a culture of excellence in our service to investors, customers and audiences. By engaging other cultures and nationalities we hope to broaden our exposure to a wider skill set and so facilitate an exchange of ideas that share and go beyond our local identity.

Canvas C.A.M is here to change the face of our local industry by providing a revitalised, dynamic and powerful talent. People who resonate with the audience long after the screen fades to black.

Our Team

As a team, we are greatly motivated to making a difference through the birthing talent that seeks to uplift and make a positive impact in the entertainment industry. We are concerned with fine-tuning our talent to generate authentic artists in their unique platforms.

Anna Duckworth, co-founder of Canvas Casting Artist Management, popularly known as Canvas CAM, graduated from Witwatersrand university with an honors degree in Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts in 2013.

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Vinesh Duckworth graduated in Business Management and Entrepreneurship as well as IT networking from Varsity College in 2011. His main passion and mission is advancing and shaping young business minds and has found himself consulting for small businesses.

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