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Who we are

“We deal with the drama, so you can work with the canvas”

Canvas C.A.M was born of the need to empower young artists and give them the opportunity to be a part of inspiring and innovative content. Our aim is to provide professional talent with a unique voice in our already diverse industry. We aim to mould an environment that stimulates brand consciousness while encouraging talent to perform at their optimal best.

As a team we are greatly motivated to making a difference through birthing talent that seeks to uplift and make a positive impact in the entertainment industry. We are concerned with fine tuning our talent to generate authentic artists in their unique platforms. Devoted to building a performing artist we deal with all the drama, so you can work with the canvas.


We represent trained and professional actors. We sort and scout for various talented people for our clients projects. We search through every nook and cranny to find the right jobs for our ‘canvas’. We specifically select each of our actors through an audition process, which allows us to see their versatility and skill as performers before an agreement of representation is signed. We believe each actor should be like a “blank canvas”: They should be natural but so adaptable and so flexible that a director can “paint”/ “mould” the artist to fit and bring to life their creative vision.

We represent actors who are able to show their ability to take direction and use it effectively. It is important to us that our actors be aware, present and thoughtful; actors that positively process criticism given. Canvas actors need to be actors that are constantly willing to learn, hone and specialise in their craft, and we offer workshops throughout the year to our signed talent.


Canvas CAM represents professional voice over artists for your advertising needs!

Learn more about our voice artists and get downloadable voice samples for your projects, email us on [email protected] or click the button Below:

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