“We deal with the drama, so you can work with the canvas”

“We deal with the drama, so you can work with the canvas"

Fezile Mdiniso

Q: If I didn't have to sleep, what would I do with the extra time:

I would read about science, history, fiction, literally everything. After all  "reading is dreaming with your eyes open"

Q: What fictional place would you most like to go?

"Moors" the magical forest in the movie Maleficent. The lakes , rivers and mountains are nothing short of amazing. I could live there. No seriously, I could really live there.

Q: What skill would you like to master?

I've been dying to play the piano properly. I love music and that's one of the many instruments that I love. I've had a few lessons here and there but I just can't wait to pull an "Alicia Keys" on the world! So watch the space.

Q: What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?

"Did your generation finally figure out that "time" is blessing? That "life" is a gift? That "love" is everything?"

Q: What TV channel doesn't exist but really should?

Remember the movie 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'? There was a scene where they could take the chocolate bar right out of the TV screen. Just like that! So whether it's a type of TV or a TV channel all I know is that it is about time someone creates that masterpiece.

Q: Who inspires you to be better?

I draw inspiration from so many strong, powerful and courageous women. Some I have had the honour of meeting, some I am yet to meet and another I call "mom".

Q: What would be your spirit animal?

A Hummingbird. I am joy, love and happiness. I am simply light and the enjoyment of life.

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Who we are

Anna Hlalele is the co-owner of Canvas Casting Artist Management, popularly known as Canvas CAM. Anna graduated from Witwatersrand university with an honors degree in Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts in 2013. It was during her final year at Witwatersrand University that she worked as an intern in a production company and during this internship that her dream to own a creative based business was cemented. In April 2018 Anna was nominated as Vice Chairperson of the Personal Managers Association in Johannesburg. The PMA is an association for Talent Agencies in South Africa which was formed to assist and further the best interests of its members in their endeavors to promote and manage the facilitation of opportunities and contracts for their clients. She hopes her role in the PMA will be one where she is instrumental in upholding and influencing the industry standard for all agents and professional actors alike.


Vinesh Duckworth graduated in Business Management and Entrepreneurship as well IT networking from Varsity College in 2011. His main passion and mission is advancing and shaping young business minds and has found himself consulting for small businesses. He first partnered with Canvas CAM, in 2013, leaving his sales executive job to mound the small talent agency by applying his knowledge of the fundamental business principles it would need in order to grow. As a team they soared and have successfully been in business for 5 years. Canvas CAM is a boutique agency based in Johannesburg South Africa and currently represents 60 young trained and professional actors, many of whom were “unknown” artists when joining Canvas CAM.

Canvas C.A.M was born of the need to empower young artists and give them the opportunity to be a part of inspiring and innovative content. Our aim is to provide professional talent with a unique voice in our already diverse industry. We aim to mould an environment that stimulates brand consciousness while encouraging talent to perform at their optimal best.

As a team we are greatly motivated to making a difference through birthing talent that seeks to uplift and make a positive impact in the entertainment industry. We are concerned with fine tuning our talent to generate authentic artists in their unique platforms. Devoted to building a performing artist we deal with all the drama, so you can work with the canvas.

Our mission is to deliver the highest possible standard of both talent and brand to your projects. We aim to create a culture of excellence in our service to investors, customers and audiences. By engaging other cultures and nationalities we hope to broaden our exposure to a wider skill set and so facilitate an exchange of ideas that share and go beyond our local identity.

Canvas C.A.M is here to change the face of our local industry by providing a revitalised, dynamic and powerful talent. People who resonate with the audience long after the screen fades to black.




We represent trained and professional actors. We sort and scout for various talented people for our clients projects. We search through every nook and cranny to find the right jobs for our 'canvas'. We specifically select each of our actors through an audition process, which allows us to see their versatility and skill as performers before an agreement of representation is signed. We believe each actor should be like a “blank canvas”: They should be natural but so adaptable and so flexible that a director can “paint”/ “mould” the artist to fit and bring to life their creative vision.


We represent actors who are able to show their ability to take direction and use it effectively. It is important to us that our actors be aware, present and thoughtful; actors that positively process criticism given. Canvas actors need to be actors that are constantly willing to learn, hone and specialise in their craft, and we offer workshops throughout the year to our signed talent.







“Thank you for visiting our voice page. On the 1st September 2017, Canvas CAM's voice devision officially started. With a total of 10 signed voice artists and counting we aim to one day be a one stop agency for all your production needs. Our voice over artists are professional talents and their experience ranges from 1 - 7 years of experience in the field.


To learn more about the voice artists or to get voice samples and clips for your projects - email your request to info@canvascam.co.za or voice@canvascam.co.za and someone will be in touch with you immediately."


So Are you a performer? Then why not catch our attention by mailing us your CV/Biography. But remember it’ll take a bit more than an impressive portfolio/ showreel, a few clever words and chocolate gift vouchers to win us over.


We are looking for passionate artists, dedicated to their artistic flair, minus chocolate, to entertain and inspire people. So if you are our next canvas, follow details below and leave the rest up to us.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 9 am - 5pm.

Sat: Closed but reachable via email

Sun: Closed



Lonehill Village Estate



South Africa

“I am a performer and I want to be part of the action”

email: info@canvascam.co.za

Tel:       +27 11-467-0680

“I want to book talent for auditions/events/jobs”



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